• What is the purpose of the Generations of Faith Capital Campaign? +

    The Generations of Faith Capital Campaign is the most ambitious undertaking in the history of St. Anne Catholic Community.  This is a critical moment in developing the future of our community where we have an opportunity to come together to make a transformational impact for our current and future generations.

    The three priorities of the capital campaign are the new commons building, a community center with expanded ministry facilities and a parking garage, and renovation of the athletic fields.

    The goals of the campaign are to:

      • Enhance the Parish’s ability to serve everyone in our diverse community,
      • Chart a course to make St. Anne Catholic School a great 21st-century Catholic school and among the highest ranked private schools in the region, and
      • Take better advantage of the footprint of St. Anne Catholic Community.

    Our vision for this campus is to reinforce our values of being a welcoming, caring, inclusive and warm community with a strong Catholic identity while accommodating growth and accessibility. We aim to retain the beauty and spirit of St. Anne. Capital campaigns are about more than buildings.  

  • Why do we need to have a capital campaign? +

    Since our last capital campaign a decade ago, the St. Anne Catholic Community has continued to grow.

    Over the last decade, St. Anne has added over 550 registered families to reach our current count of 4,579 families.  If these trends continue, within the next 10 years we will exceed 5,000 families compared to 4,000 families 10 years ago.

    Over that time, the utilization of our campus facilities has continued to be stretched.

    We see signs of our growth during our Masses as well, where during many services we have “standing room only.”

    According to the demographic projections of the Archdiocese, the population of Catholics in the Houston metropolitan area is projected to increase by 500,000 (or 25%) between 2010 and 2020.

  • Is a pledge to the Generations of Faith Capital Campaign in addition to our regular Sunday collections and the St. Anne School Annual Fund? +

    Yes, a pledge or donation to the Generations of Faith Capital Campaign is above and beyond anything you are currently doing for the Parish and the school that addresses annual operational needs.  Please continue to make these gifts first and give beyond this if you are able to the campaign.

  • What do I need to consider as a parishioner and/or school parent for the success of this campaign? +

    We would love 100% participation of all parishioners and school parents.

    We are asking everyone to prayerfully consider a gift that reflects the financial blessings they have received and we trust Our Lord will inspire generosity!

    A multi-year pledge allows a family to make a larger contribution over a period of up to three years.

  • How were the campaign priorities determined? +

    St. Anne Catholic Community completed a comprehensive yearlong planning process in which we gathered input and feedback from almost 2,000 members of our community to define the highest priority needs for the growth of Saint Anne Community and School.

  • Why do we need $20.8 million? How will the money be spent? +

    For the last 8 months, the Campaign Executive Committee has worked through the visioning, design and value evaluation process with the architects and contractors to determine the construction cost of the three priorities. The new commons building will provide a modern learning environment for our students with the construction of a gymnasium and multi-purpose rooms including:

    • Locker rooms, bleachers and concessions
    • Stage for theatrical productions
    • Multi-purpose space for enhanced learning

    The new community center with expanded ministry facilities and a parking garage will provide dual use for the school and the Parish through the following additions:

    • Multipurpose rooms for ministries, St. Anne School Foundation, Scouts and related Parish activities.
    • Garage
      • 312 parking spaces in the garage
      • Covered walkway from parking garage to Church
      • Security office and a guard house at main entry drive
    • New access road connecting Shamrock Way to Shepherd Drive for easier access during Mass and events.

    The renovation of the athletic fields will enhance the current spaces with an upgraded modern soccer field and track featuring:

    • 300 ft. x 165 ft. soccer field
    • Expanded and multi-use track
    • Softball field
    • Field lighting and scoreboard
  • Why do we need the commons building? +

    School enrollment is currently at capacity, with a waiting list of highly qualified students for each grade.

    Our 1930’s gym and stage are showing their age, and need to be relocated closer to the academic buildings.

    The school needs a multi-purpose event space for theatrical productions and to free up classroom space where these activities are currently taking place.

    The commons building and the renovation of the athletic fields will provide a modern learning environment that enhances the spiritual and physical growth of our students and provides dual use for both the Parish and the school.

  • Why do we need a parking garage and ministry facilities? +

    St. Anne no longer has sufficient availability of parking during peak hours for both parish and school, especially when events occur simultaneously. Current parking space has been fully optimized.

    As our robust ministries continue to expand and add families, ministry facilities are stretched.

    The new parking facility will shorten the walk for our parishioners and bring more than 300 parking spaces inside the Parish.

    New ministry facilities will be added for Parish organizations and ministry gatherings such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Hispanic Ministries, and the St. Anne School Foundation.

  • What is the timeline for construction? +

    Due to the requirement by Archdiocese, construction cannot begin until 50% of the campaign goal is received in cash.

    Depending on funds raised, once construction begins it will take approximately one year to complete.

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