St. Anne is Family

"I [George] am very close to the Hispanic Ministry at St. Anne. It's a community that welcomed me with open arms and made me feel wanted. Melissa would join me for Mass on Sundays with my family. We got married here and our daughter, Cecilia, was baptized and had her first communion here. We want to carry on the tradition with her here at St. Anne. St. Anne is my family and I owe it a lot. St. Anne means everything to me." - Melissa and George Trevino

A Visible Force in the Community

“My first experience at St. Anne began with my grandmother who was a member of the Altar Society. As a child, she would bring me with her when she had Altar Society duties. Back then, St. Anne was a visible force in the community. A lot of my friends went to St. Anne Catholic School or attended St. Anne Church. As a child, I liked that it was here and that it existed – there was a certain comfort and security at St. Anne. St. Anne is my spiritual home and it is also a place where I have made many friends over the years and I have treasured that very much. It is a wonderful community and a wonderful place of belonging.” - Joan O'Leary


Ensuring Learning

The students, faculty, staff and parents of St. Anne Catholic School are all excited about this campaign. We want to ensure that the community sees the wonderful learning that happens inside our gates each and every day. As St. Anne Catholic School closes in on our first century of learning, the campaign allows us to usher in a whole new era of students who have graduated unnderthe Basilian Fathers’ guidance with 21st century learning capabilities.” - Dawn Martinez (St. Anne Catholic School Principal)

A Place of Worship and Service

“St. Anne Catholic Community welcomed us when we were newcomers to Houston many years ago. Here we found not only a place to worship, but we were also given an opportunity and the support to serve when we were called to the Diaconate. This campaign gives us a chance to help assure that this community continues to welcome and serve generations into the future.” - Pat and Deacon Jean-Paul Budinger

A Home For Generations

""Every time I [Susan] walk into the church, it reminds me of home – it is home. I grew up coming here on Sundays to see my grandparents and my aunts and uncles. Architecture and the interior of churches and the feel of them as you walk in are very important to me. St. Anne is very warm, it’s not cold and it doesn’t echo. It’s just well done. I completely support the new commons building and I want it to continue for future generations. St.  Anne is a part of Houston’s history." - Brian and Susan Sauer Welch and family

A Good Reputation

"My history of coming to St. Anne has been a very good experience. The priests that have been here, from Father Monaghan on through today, have been very good to me and to my family. I could not ask for more. All of our lives have revolved around St. Anne. There are just so many people that want to come here because of the reputation of the parish.” - Pat McCauley



“Growth means...that you're expanding everything...when you're kind of changing a state. I believe that this Capital Campaign will help everybody...” - Crockett Rafino, 7th Grade at St. Anne Catholic School

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